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~*The Usual*~
Name: Jordan Elizabeth
But I prefer: Jordan
Gender: female
Birthplace: Stanford, CA
Reside in:Menlo Park, CA-outside San Francisco
Status:Attached but not committed...He's been my not-quite-boyfriend for about three months lol

Band:Ryan Adams, Ben Kweller, All of those annoying girls...
Song:Way too many-greek song by rufus wainright as of this second
Food:strawberries and bad carb foods
Drink:coke and orange fanta
Flavor of Gum:cherry!
Book:the catcher in the rye, lolita, 1984, the buddha of suburbia, etc etc
Smell:magnolias or the smell inside Abercrombie and Fitch
Taste:Thats hard...a mix of cherry lipbalm, pot, and who knows...aka my ex boyfriend. He was the best kisser!
Memory:Thanksgivings with my whole family(that lives in California...The rest live in the south and NYC)
Sport:Equestrian or volleyball
Movie:Empire Records, Sixteen candles, ferris bueller, mean girls, gidget..etc
Quote:"Religion is the opiate of the masses" Karl Marx

What’s your favorite curse word?Suck-a-fuck is a good "Diss" but I rarely swear. What the fuck!
On a scale of 1 to 10 what would u rate yourself: hahaha 3 jk, I don't know, how do I answer that without making me sound either ugly or self obsessed? How about a 7?
What are some good AND bad personality traits of yours?BAD: I have ADD, so I lose intrest in things very quickly. Also, I'm a terrible gossip. GOOD: I'm silly, my friend told me I was the funniest person she'd ever met. I am always ready to do something fun.
What are you afraid of?:Learning too much and being scared and clueless the rest of my life.
What is your most prized possession:my photo albums, my uggs, my rabbit, and my clothing collection!
Who/What do you confide in most?:My best friend Dana, and my journal.
What do you like best about your body & Why?:I think I have a nice smile because people have told me I do Llol. aswell as my never-braced teeth. Cheeeese!
What do you like best about your personality & Why?: I think my sense of humor makes any situation tolerable. Also, I like to think that I am extremly open, and accepting. I do have a judging problem. I guess because my great grandfather was a judge and my dad is a lawyer.
Craziest thing you've done:Ditched my san francisco prom on a yacht to explore san francisco in my diane von furstenburg prom dress and heels. My date loved the cable cars
A Reason for living:Love, and knowlege. Still figuring it out!
If you had one week left to live:I'd gather up everyone I loved and Brad Pitt, and head to Santorini, in Greece for a teary but enjoyable festive festival!
Tattoos/piercings:ugh...ears. piercings are gross and tattoos only look good on boys
3 things that annoy you: fake people, people who try too hard to be what they aren't, people who dress in a way that makes them stand out as like arebel. If you have to use your cllothes to make a statement, nmaybe you arent articulate enough to do it youeself.
3 places you want to go to:greece, london, mustique, iceland, cabo, germany, italy
2 movies you could watch over and over again:16 candles, empire records,
1 person you could spend the rest of your life with: alex kain, brad pitt and gael garcia bernal
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Gay marriage:Absolutly. If you are ignorant enough to think that religion and politics should be one and the same, you should'nt be allowerd to vote. Haters should mind their own business.
Sex: What about it? I'm a virgin...well, mostly...
Drinking:Eh...For the right reasonsits ok. Don't drink and drive muthafuckas!
Abortion:Absolutly again. Think of your RIGHTS girls. I, personally won't have one, but who am I to inflict my judgement on someone else. Think about this: If you were raped, or your little 12 year old sister...Should she have to carry out the pregnancy. Absolutly not. Be intelligent here.
Love:I love love...
Racism:Not acceptable. The south.

~*The Community*~
Where did you hear about this community? I think I saw it promoted somewhere.
Why should we accept you? I'm cool. LOL no, I laugh a lot and can tell you about my misadventures in Northern California. And I like good music
If you are accepted which stamp would you like? Some hot chick lol.
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