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~*The Usual*~
Name: kelsey
But I prefer: KK or Kels
Gender: female and lovin it
Birthplace: new york
Reside in: new jersey
Sexuality: straight
Status: single

Color: blue and pink
Band: destiny's child
Song: 1 2 Step-Ciara
Food: french fries
Drink: sprite
Flavor of Gum: cotton candy
Book: gossip girl
Smell: axe
Taste: anything with sugar lol
Memory: metting jesse mccartney with my friend
Sport: soccer and track
Season: winter and/or summer
Holiday: christmas
Movie: save the Last Dance (( just got it for christmas and i love it even if its an old movie ))
Quote: "treat everyday as if it was your last" (( live life to the fullest ))

What’s your favorite curse word? fuck...probably cause it means so many things and you can use it whenever
On a scale of 1 to 10 what would u rate yourself? probably a 6...not as pretty as jessica simpson but just your normal high school girl
What are some good AND bad personality traits of yours? GOOD-i dont talk about my friends behind their backs and i give great advice and BAD-i judge people even before i meet them but after i meet them i most likely change my mind
What are you afraid of? my family dieing all at once or the feeling right after i saw a scarey movie
What is your most prized possession: probably the scrapbook im working on right now for my nonna
Who/What do you confide in most?: my friends
What do you like best about your body & Why?: my feet cause they're big and they're not small lol
What do you like best about your personality & Why?: i love being there for my friends! its such a great feeling not helping out
Craziest thing you've done: hmm...i have to think...probably when i went to my cousin's friend's house with my cousin and stayed there till 3 am
A Reason for living: enjoying all the stuff that comes at, friends, partying, marriage, etc.
If you had one week left to live: wow...okay lets see...this is a hard question...i would probably see all of my friends and family and spend as much time with them and speak my mind as much as i can haha
Tattoos/piercings: no tatoos and no piercings...nothing ugh
3 things that annoy you: bad teeth, greasy hair and michael jackson
3 places you want to go to: california, france and italy
2 movies you could watch over and over again: save the last dance and the girl next door
1 person you could spend the rest of your life with: one guy that i have my eye on in school
Amuse us:<img src=""> yeah....thats bobby
Promote us in 2-3 communities and link:

Gay marriage: i feel its cool that gay people are spreading they're thoughts that gay people should be able to marry eachother
Sex: when you really think your ready for it
Drinking: again...when you think your ready go for it
Abortion: i toattly think it matters of the situation...if your raped yes you should be able to go through abortion but other than that i think you should just put your baby up for adoption or keep it just so it can live
Love: i havent experienced true love yet but i think love is when there is no way that you can't live without that person
Racism: it's horrible that people are judging people by race, color, sex, etc. and in the future i hope it stops

~*The Community*~
Where did you hear about this community? from clicking "victoria's secret" on my user info.
Why should we accept you? I've been trying to look for a really cool rating community and i think this one is nice one and i really liked this application since it really made you think and i think you should accept me cause I will post in the community and I think I'm sexy in my own way...

<img src="">

<img src="">

<img src="">

If you are accepted which stamp would you like? <img src="">

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