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Am i sexy enough?

~*The Usual*~
Name: Lisa
But I prefer: Lis
Gender: F
Birthplace: Kelso
Reside in: Seattle
Sexuality: Bi
Status: Single

Color: orange, red/black together, i like blue too
Band: maroon 5, the ramones, sugarcult, staind, old nsync(shh)
Song: beautiful disaster-kelly clarkson, why dont you kiss her/the stupid things-jesse mccarteny, epiphany-staind, pretty girl-sugarcult, this i promise you/drive myseof crazy/god must have spent a little more time on you..okay almost eveything from nsync, dirrty-xtina, looking in/my all-mariah carey
Food: mashed potatos, strawberries, chocolate ANYTHING, whipped cream, kraft macaroni and cheese, chef boyardi
Drink: diet anything, i like flavored and bubbely water alot
Flavor of Gum: any kind im an addicted!
Book: Best little girl in the world, if i should die before i wake, madam bovary, breakfast at tiffanys, smack, cutting edge
Smell: vanilla anything
Taste: i love ooey gooey things like smores
Memory: (my very first crush) I was about 9, doing gymnastics.  So my team was on beam and the boys team was just right across from us on pommel horse.  I was just standing on the edge of the beam not really paying attention to my coach when all of a sudden i saw this boy with no shirt off who smiled at me and I just stared and fell off the beam.
Sport: gymnastics and i love watching hockey they are so viscious it's wonderful
Season: Summer, beacuase it's tanning time and i love the snow. Winter, beacuse the snow is just so peaceful and it makes you feel like all is good in the world, plus cuddeling with cute boys. Fall, because the leaves on the trees start changing and it's so beautiful. Spring, uhm well my birthdays around there only not really...SPRING BREAK!
Holiday: christmas, because that equals lots of incredibly delicious food plus I get to see/hear from family members and friends I dont always get too.
Movie: the sixth sense, dead man on campus, dead poets society, finding forester, napoleon dynamite, mean girls, confession of a teenage drama queen, it takes two
Quote: "Who ever said it's not whether you win or lose, probably lost."

What’s your favorite curse word? "fuck", because it is fun to say and "damni't because whenever some one starts to complain about stupid things I always say "Get over it god damnit!"
On a scale of 1 to 10 what would u rate yourself ? I am not totally sure, i hate rating let alone myself but I guess as a package deal I would say 6? maybe a 7? who nos, maybe iam just insecure ahah
What are some good AND bad personality traits of yours? GOOD-iam there for my friends no matter what even if they show up at my house at 4 in the morning crying there eyes out, i'll never backstab or betray, i like to make people laugh. BAD-sometimes when I get on a bitching rampage it can get the best of me, I also have a trusting problem.
What are you afraid of?: spiders, and spongebob...he is to damn happy, i don't really care much for elevators either
What is your most prized possession: all of my memories
Who/What do you confide in most?: my best friend Gabbi, she is just like me only better! ahaha but seriously I guess you could say she evens me out like my soul sister.
What do you like best about your body & Why?: My tummy because it doesn't roll over my jeans
What do you like best about your personality & Why?: that i have a good sense a humar, because people who can't take a joke are just boring
Craziest thing you've done: me and my friends snuck out and poured shampoo, conditoner, food, glue, mud all over and inside these construction workers portapottys. WAIT ahah when i was in grade school I licked a slug.
A Reason for living: Personally i think everyone around you is a reason for living, i mean if you went away or died people you didn't even no or talk to much would be extremely affected.
If you had one week left to live: I would bungee jump, go sky diving, and eat everything in site and never get out of my pjs
Tattoos/piercings: i want a tattoo on my hip but i don't know what i should get yet.  I have 5 piercings in each ear
3 things that annoy you: big noses, people who think there the shit when in actuality they are not, people who can't admit when they are wrong
3 places you want to go to: Hawaii( i get to this summer!), Cabo, and Paris
2 movies you could watch over and over again: Titanic and the sixth sense
1 person you could spend the rest of your life with: Gabbi
Amuse us:
Promote us in 2-3 communities and link:

Gay marriage: heck yes! everyone has a right to marry who they are in love with. No one should be able to tell you who can marry and who cannot ESPECIALLY not the government.
Sex: is a beautiful thing when you really care, love, and trust someone. 
Drinking: is only okay if you can handle yourself. I hate those girls who drink little to nothing and throw themselves on everyone and think they are gods perfect creation when in reality they are not and look rather stupid.
Abortion: womens choice,and it bugs me when people say "but its half the guys too"yes, that is all fine and good but i still think the woman has the FINAL say because she is the one who will be carrying it and pushing it out. I'd like to see a man do that.HAH!
Love: Is all around us, some just haven't found it all yet or feel like there is none for them.  It's one of those conversations that could go on for hours on end and you still would be confused. The possibilities are endless.
Racism: Is disgusting. Love Knows No Color. The End. IAM RIGHT! roaaar!

~*The Community*~

Where did you hear about this community? from your sister site
Why should we accept you? because i am one of the beautiful people. Actually because, oh crap yeah I am awesome.:)HAH that was incredibly lame. I think just read what i wrote look at how i look and be brutally blunt, thats always fun..i love doing that.
If you are accepted which stamp would you like? Number 2! Number 2! Carmen Electra=perfect

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