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~*The Usual*~
Name: Danielle
But I prefer: Dani, Devil
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Brockton, MA
Reside in: Brockton, MA
Sexuality: Straight
Status: Taken

Color: silverish blue.. sometimes black. i guess it depends on my mood
Band: Sum 41 · Blink182 · Good Charlotte · Lifehouse · Nelly · Avril Lavigne · Simple Plan ·3 doors down · Puddle of Mudd · Eminem · The Donnas · Crossbreed · Kid Rock · Boxcar Racer · Nas · Linkin Park · Evanescence · Pink · Staind · Ninedays · Hilary Duff · Bravehearts · Nickelback · Alkaline Trio ·
Song: boxcar racer- there is
Food: chicken nuggets.. and mashed potatoes.. ( they make me hyper n im not quite sure why)
Drink: dr. pepper
Flavor of Gum: juicy fruit
Book: algebra for dummies. haha.
Smell: tommy girl perfume
Taste: watermelon chap stick
Memory: xmas: my cousins from california randomly showing up at my aunts house in MA.. i knew they were coming.. but no one that lived in my aunts house knew.. the looks on their faces were great.. they were so surprised.. it was awesome.
Sport: mud football
Season: winter
Holiday: halloween
Movie: coyote ugly
Quote: Me I'm scared of everything, who I am, what I've seen, what I've done. Most of all I'm scared of walking out this room and never feeling for the rest of my life the way I feel when I'm with you.- Dirty Dancing (Jennifer Grey)
What’s your favorite curse word? fuck.. because it can be used in oh so many ways.
On a scale of 1 to 10 what would u rate yourself: 6 .. im not ugly, but i wouldnt consider myself hot either.
What are some good AND bad personality traits of yours? im opinionated, and i get mad easily. i also jump to assumptions.. =( but im funny and creative.
What are you afraid of?: Ladders. Being alone. Roaches. Walking with my back turned to the darkness. Getting hurt. Needles. Medicine. Trusting people. Going to the doctor. Crowds. People touching me. Cancer. Disease. Unwelcomed hugs. Unwelcomed -I Love Yous-. Alcohol. Being the center of attention. Reading aloud. Sleeping with the lights on and the doors open. What might be under the table. My mind. My emotions. My past. Tomorrow. Having my heart broken. Opening my eyes on lonely nights. The things that my mind portrays as being real.
What is your most prized possession: the heart ring i got for xmas the last year that my parents were together.
Who/What do you confide in most?: my fiance =)
What do you like best about your body & Why?: i like my height. There is no reason for me to be any taller than I am. Sure, I'll admit, it would be nice to be able to reach the cabinets above the stove and the refridgerator. Other than that, being tall would be a pain for me. If I fell, it would be a longer distance to the ground. People sitting in back of me at the movie theatre would keep yelling at me, saying that my head is in the way. My head would hit the roof, and my knees would hit the seat in small cars. I wouldnt be able to get on kiddie rides at carnivals. I wouldn't be able to get into places for a lower cost because I look twelve anymore, and, last but not least, I wouldnt be able to fit into compact hiding places to get away from my brother... being 5 feet tall isnt that bad.
What do you like best about your personality & Why?: i like my sarcastic sense of humor.. of course, it gets me in trouble sometimes, but its worth it.
Craziest thing you've done: 5 people.. no clothes.. running around the block on a dare..
A Reason for living: my family
If you had one week left to live: i would do as much as i could to make a difference in the world, so i would be remembered fondly.
Tattoos/piercings: 3 in each ear.. thats about it.
3 things that annoy you: how about more? · broken hearts · paper cuts · liars · cheaters · people who TyPe LyKe DiS or TyP3 L1k3 D15 · Britney Spears · sluts · fingernails on chalkboards · name calling · people who wear ties to be 'punkish' · loneliness · boredom · people who think they're better then everyone else ;\
3 places you want to go to: maui, oahu, and kawai, hawaii.
2 movies you could watch over and over again: coyote ugly, pirates of the carribean
1 person you could spend the rest of your life with: mister rob keogh =)
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Gay marriage: whatever floats your boat!
Sex: if the time is right, there isnt a problem. juss make sure its with someone you love n trust.
Drinking: definately should have to be 21. i think less teens would drink if the drinking age was lowered.. a lot of people do it juss cuz they arent supposed to.
Abortion: it depends on the situation.
Love:Love...... its hard to define yet easy to fall into. Everyone each day falls into this deep hole that determines if we have fallen for the right person or not. Love is a place that we carry our hearts into , sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. But once you have fallen, there is no chance that it is ever gunna leave you. It will cling on to you until the end of time. We tend to "go out" with numerous different people during high school not knowing which one is the right one or not. When you are with the right person you will know if its love, its this feeling that is welled up and you cant get rid of it. Each and everyday they will be all you think about. And for some reason you cant get them out of your head. The hardest thing in the world is watching the one you love, love another. The simple things like watching them hold hands, or just touch each other in feelings that you wish were never there. No matter what.. don't give up, life is about risks and changes and changes will happen, people will move on, but love is one thing that will never grow old. If you tell one person that you love them, make sure you mean it, i mean really make sure. Because once you say you don't love him/her anymore, or you go off and love another person, you really never loved them to begin with. So what im trying to tell you is that when you find that person, the one that you cant stop thinking about, the one that makes you get butterflies in your stomach, and the one that when you are with them you feel like the whole world is perfect, NEVER let go. You cannot let go of something that you love, people say they can and that they will get over somebody but don't believe them. It's a lie. For people can never really get over something that you have loved with all your heart at one point. The best things that you can search for in life, cannot be searched, there not things... there feelings that you feel when you are with the one that you love. Happiness is not getting what you want, it's wanting what you have. Distance is another factor in love. Distance is one part of love that you wish you never fell into b/c without them you feel even worse. Without them you don't know where to go, and what to do. If you truly love someone then distance won't matter, you will continue loving them even if you are hundreds of miles apart. The true thing that this mail is trying to tell you is that to never to give up on the one you love, the feeling will never leave ur heart. Maybe it will slightly change, or tend to slow down, but it will never diminish. For love is the strongest feeling in the world, and we all need it to survive. So tell the ones that you love that you love them, because if you don't you just might be giving up on something that could be everything to you. perfect_love_
Racism: i live in a place where its hard to be racist.. i think everyone is eal, no matter what their race is.

~*The Community*~
Where did you hear about this community? search
Why should we accept you? well, you should tell me that.. i cant accpet myself! but let me tell you a lil bit about me..  My name is Danielle. I live in the small, yet fairly large and well known city of Brockton, MA. People complain about this city, but there's nothing wrong with living here. I'm just another person in this world... maybe I'll leave a mark on a few people when I pass away. But I can only hope. I am the not the only child. But yes I'm spoiled and no I'm not a brat. I am very shy around people I don't know.. but everyone that is really close to me says I'm: crazy, sweet, and friendly. I love to listen to music, hang out with friends, watch movies, and of course shop.. My favorite stores are: AE, Aero, Gadzooks, Pacsun, and Hot Topic. Well that's some of my life in writing. xoxo

If you are accepted which stamp would you like?

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